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**Lake Geneva Celebrates Art and Community with Murals in Motion**

Downtown Lake Geneva will be a true canvas for artistic expression during the inaugural Murals in Motion event from May 15-19, 2024. This five-day celebration of public art, music, food and local history promises to delight residents and visitors alike.

Presented by the Dariush Nateghi Gallery Lake Geneva, with sponsorship support, Murals in Motion will bring five large-scale murals to life throughout downtown Lake Geneva. Local and visiting artists will spend the week creating these vibrant pieces celebrating the area's natural beauty, iconic attractions, and rich history.

"We are privileged to sponsor this endeavor to promote the love and passion of art and expression through murals in our hometown," said Dariush Nateghi, gallery director. "Art has a way of washing away the dust of everyday life, as Picasso said, and we want to share that inspiration with the entire community."

In addition to watching the murals take shape, Murals in Motion offers a full slate of engaging activities:

- Gallery nights inside local boutiques

- Sidewalk and lakefront paint-ins with artist demonstrations and sales

- Live music performances throughout downtown

- Pop-up beer garden with entertainment

- Yoga in the park

- Alleyway dinner featuring top local chefs

- Family-friendly games, crafts and more

Whether you're an art lover, foodie, or just looking for a fun community experience, don't miss Murals in Motion from May 15-19 in beautiful Lake Geneva. Follow the event on social media for the latest updates.

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