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Once The Fancy Fair Mall Lake Geneva WI

The Matisse Collection

We acquired the  galerie matisse collection the end of 2020

Bob Skibitzki - Dariush Nateghi


Never has collaboration and connection been more important in our world. From in-office works spaces to local community inclusion, designers and artists must lean into the relational components of where we gather. After all, art turns spaces into experiences. We recently surveyed business leaders for our latest State of the Art Report and our findings showed that over 90% of the individuals we surveyed view art as a way to create a memorable experience that improves the quality of life for users of a space.

Art has long been heralded as good business. But now is the time to show how art also contributes to the building blocks of a thriving community.


 organization we support and encourage all forms of art and cultural activities. We foster a community appreciation of the fine arts through the arrangement of shows, monthly programs, lectures, demonstrations and workshops.

Gallery Lake Geneva, in downtown Lake Geneva. Member artists are invited to exhibit and sell their work.

Lake Geneva Wisconsin
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